Patronage - give chance to the blind pupils

Even you can have an impact on the development of our pupils. Help us collect EUR 15 500 (USD 17 200) to ensure six months of additional classes for all our pupils.

Some of our children have great intellectual capacity, lots of interests and talents in many areas which they would like to develop. Others have difficulties with daily living activities and require compensatory classes in rehabilitation and in revalidation to improve their skills.

We would like to give the both groups a chance for a better future. Therefore, we are asking you for the financial support. We are planning to spend donations on rehabilitation and revalidation classes and other activities that develop pupils' interests.

During rehabilitation and revalidation classes we would like to focus on teaching self-reliance in daily life so as to prepare our pupils for independent living.

Please become one of the patrons of our blind pupils and help them develop skills for a better future. 

There are following ways you can help:

  1. If you donate EUR 12 (USD 14) you will support classes for one month.
  2. If you donate EUR 36 (USD 40) you will support classes for three months.
  3. If you donate EUR 60 (USD 60) you will support classes for six months.

Your regular payments will help us to plan the budget for those additional classes. 

We will be grateful for your support and choosing one of the above donation options and providing us with regular payments for a longer period of time. Please help us the best way you can.

Please make your payment to one of our bank accounts and type in the purpose section: PATRONAGE

Name of the bank: Bank Pekao S.A. V O/Warszawa
Address: Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79, 00-950 Warszawa, Polska/Poland

PLN: 53 1240 1066 1111 0000 0005 9138
iban: PL53124010661111000000059138

EUR: 14 1240 1066 1978 0000 0005 9170
iban: PL14124010661978000000059170

GBP: 38 1240 1066 1789 0000 0005 9167
iban: PL38124010661789000000059167

USD: 45 1240 1066 1787 0000 0005 9141
iban: PL45124010661787000000059141

CAD: 25 1240 1053 1788 0010 3560 8104
iban: PL25124010531788001035608104

Thank you for your donation!